"When I first approached Kaila, I had just had several severe gallstone attacks, was obese, unhappy, and completely lost with who I was. When I have struggled with self doubt, or physical limitations, Kaila has always been encouraging with words of positivity and taken concerns I had seriously. She has fabricated a plan for my person, and adjusted where and when needed. With my goal being weight loss, I have received so much more then the physical changes but mental growth has been equally if not greater then I would have ever expected."

Kristin L

“When contacted Kaila a few years ago I had already started my journey. I had lost a lot of weight on my own but couldn't get any further. I was shy and had almost no self-confidence. Kaila showed me that I hadn't even come close to my max potential, with a positive attitude and grit she pushed and encouraged me to go farther and harder than I ever had. Kaila helped me realize that my weight issue was a lot more than just pounds and low confidence. She helped me figure out that I'm a stress eater and I focus too much on everyone else. Not enough on me. She helped to teach me to be proud of what I have done and to set real goals not weight goals. When we had to say good bye I was the strongest I had ever been. And I was no longer looking at the numbers I was looking at what really mattered. The women in the mirror. I was the happiest I had ever been. I no longer think I need to be an unrealistic weight. I need to be the best me I can be at my set weight. Kaila is a caring lady with the know how if you open your mind to new ideas.”

Leah G

“I have participated in multiple spin classes Kaila has led, as well as webinars she has held focusing on nutrition. In her webinars she is very personable and easy to understand. She is open to questions and is knowledgeable in her answers. The spin classes were upbeat and fun, and Kaila was able to make any modifications needed so everyone could participate and get the most out of the class. Kaila has always been very supportive of everyone around her, no matter what point they were at in their health and wellness journey. I definitely recommend getting in touch with her, and getting in to one of her classes if you want to learn about healthy living and have support in fulfilling your fitness goals.”

Lee-Anna S

“I actually decided to engage Kaila, as a personal trainer, without any real vision of what I wanted. Being able to confide in her and have good conversations with her, helped both of us determine an effective program. She spent enough time to make sure I understood the exercises and could maintain proper/safe form. I came to enjoy her challenges she pushed me into, firmly but with good humour. Kettle bells, weights, battle ropes, all new experiences. Thank you, Kaila!”

Frank M


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