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Tips: Vitamin and Supplement Suggestions

Multivitamin Benefits:

  • Boost energy

  • Lose weight

  • Beat stress

  • Helps with uptake of other vitamins and minerals

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce wrinkles

Omega 3-6-9 Benefits:

  • Improve skin health

  • Reduce risk of heart disease

  • Lower levels of certain blood fat (triglycerides)

  • Raise levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL)

  • May help with effects of arthritis

Vitamin B12 Benefits:

  • Helps fight fatigue and tiredness

  • Helps supress appetite

  • Aids in memory

  • Aids in immune system and aging

  • Helps lower cholesterol

  • Helps with preventing various diseases and cancer

​Protein Powder

  • Helps to supplement regular diet to ensure we are getting enough of one of our macronutrients

  • Helps to satiate you

  • Helps repair muscle and other body tissues


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