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How to Stay On Track with a Busy Schedule

How to Stay on Track with Friends/Family Visiting, Through the Holidays or While Travelling:

Tips for Keeping Nutrition on Track

  • Contribute to the meals if going to someone’s house. Bring a dish that you can eat.

  • Plan in your nutrition for the week a cheat meal or treat if it’s a special occasion. Plan if you are going to a restaurant, or expecting to not necessarily eat on track. Planning allows you to prepare for what is to come. Establish what the healthy options on the menu are before deciding on what you will eat. Focus on what you CAN have.

  • Prepare some snacks/food in advance and ensure you have them with you.

  • Share the nutrition knowledge that you have with your friends and family members. Sometimes they are unaware of what is healthy or what exactly you are doing in your healthy lifestyle journey. Teach them what portion sizes are etc.

  • Eat before you go so you are less likely to overindulge or eat completely off track

  • Get out of the kitchen. Many family members prep food or put out food in the kitchen and by removing yourself from the kitchen you are less likely to snack a ton before your meal

  • Change your focus to vegetables and proteins. Scope out the veggie and protein dishes and place the majority of your focus on them rather than the dense carbohydrates and fats.

  • Make 1/3 of your plate protein, ¼ of your place carbohydrates, and ½ of your plate vegetables

  • Notice where you are placing your focus and self-talk… are you saying “I can’t have” or “I want to have”? Put your focus on what you can have rather then what you can’t.

  • Have the biggest meal of your day post workout. This could mean if you are going for a large dinner maybe you work out in the afternoon shortly before going. This will allow your body to use the calories to replenish glucose stores in the body and rebuild muscles.

  • Have a large workout the day after your massive meal. This will help to use those calories as energy towards your workout.

  • Try and consume your calories from food and alcohol prior to 6:30/7pm. This will ensure you get a nice 12 hour fast until breakfast at 6:30/7am the following day.

  • Try and stay away from alcohol as it tends to be quite high in calories. If you must drink aim for lower calorie items such as vodka and water with lime juice.

Tips for Keeping Your Work Outs on Track

  • Schedule the time for your workouts. You wouldn’t miss a doctor appointment or a coffee date with a friend, so schedule in your “me” time.

  • Involve others in your workouts. Invite friends, family members and children to join you in your endeavors.

  • Get up earlier to make sure you get your workout done before your day has started and fully gotten away from you.

  • If you feel like you overate or over-indulged try and have a hardcore workout the day after to use up some of those excess calories.

  • Plan workouts around special events. For example if you know you won’t work out on Christmas, birthday etc. then if you have one scheduled that day try and make it up another day in the week where it can work for you.


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