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High Protein Snack Ideas

High Protein Snack Ideas

  • Leftover meat or beans with some veggies

  • Canned tuna or salmon are great to have on hand. Try adding balsamic vinegar and a little flax or olive oil. Serve on crackers, lettuce wrap or just as is.

  • Roasted chicken (can be bought in the grab and go section at the grocery store = no prep for you), serve with salad or veggies

  • Overnight oats

  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese

  • Hummus or other bean dips and veggies

  • Protein Shake

  • Protein Bars (watch the amount of sugar and carbs in some of these)

  • Smoothies – be mindful of the amount of fruit you add

  • Lunch meats/ processed meats (use occasionally only as they contain quite a bit of sodium)

  • Canned beans or beans in tomato sauce with some rice

  • Low sodium turkey pepperoni

  • Roast chickpeas (the bulk barn has wicked flavours of these to save you the time of making them)

  • Protein pancakes or protein muffins…. Protein baked goods (watch carbohydrate amounts)

  • Protein pudding (google recipes as there are many out there and even non-dairy versions)

  • Boiled eggs

  • Protein balls (google recipes just watch the amount of nuts and seeds many of the recipes call for as those are high in fat)

  • Left over soup with beans or lentils in it

  • Grab and go tacos – ground turkey with taco seasoning fried up and served on lettuce leaves with salsa

  • Frozen fish filets as they cook up very fast


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