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Are you a person who loves sugar? Do you have that sweet tooth? Or do you grab for something sugary and sweet to give you a little pick me up throughout your day? Do you treat yourself with chocolate bars or pops? If any of your answers above were YES... then this article is for you! Sugar is making such an impact on our diets and health. It is found in more foods than you would like to think it is. From salad dressings and sauces, to pasta, breads, beverages and more. They say it is more addicting then heroin! No wonder so many people have such an issue cutting it out! Here is an article with a TON of information and a VIDEO for you to inform yourself on the dangers of too much sugar in your diet. Are you curious about how much sugar is in the food that you eat? Check out this link and play around with the page to find out how much sugar you are really consuming in the foods that you normally eat.

If you are in need of some assistance KICKING out the sugar in your diet, contact me TODAY for a FREE consultation.


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