What is Fall Into Fitness?

It is a challenge meant to inspire you to get active and compete against yourself. It is designed to see how far you can push yourself to improve your physical fitness and body composition.

How does it work?

You do initial fitness testing (each year we change the exercises). We test cardiovascular health, upper body strength, lower body strength, and dynamic power. We do initial weigh, measure and skin fold calipers to determine body fat percentage. From here you workout at home, in the gym or wherever suits you. We give you tips, tricks and advice along the way to help you succeed and achieve your goals. At the end of the 8 weeks we re-do your fitness test, utilizing the same exercises from the start, along with re-taking your weight, measurements and skin fold calipers. From there we determine your personal percentage of change in all categories. We add these percentages together to determine your overall percentage of change.


You can compete in a team of two of your choice, or we can assign you a team member. Prizes are awarded to the team who has the greatest percentage of change as well as the individual with the greatest percentage of change. We have several other ways to win prizes throughout the challenge as well!

We want to see your success!


This year we are adding to your success and giving all the members of the challenge access to our NEW Iron Body Coaching app! We are creating a custom program for the Fall Into Fitness Challenge! The app will be complete with lessons, habit reminders and more!


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