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We were founded to be a place where anyone can come and get a great workout. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. We have a different outlook at Maxed Out Fitness. Our holistic approach to fitness training sets us apart from other exercise facilities. We have a Kids Zone to accommodate families, a selection of group fitness classes, a variety of gym equipment to fit all your fitness needs, and a key fob system so you can access the gym when it fits your schedule.
Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest. If you are unsure what to do for a workout, we got you covered  with 5 FREE workout templates that come with your membership. All the workouts have demo videos to go along with each exercise!
Let us redefine what a gym means to you. Visit us and you will see for yourself.


Maxed Out Fitness started as a small indoor cycling studio out of our garage. As it slowly grew popularity we began to offer other types of classes from kickboxing to strength training to yoga. We closed down for a few years, however it was always a dream of ours to transform Maxed Out Fitness into a gym where anyone at any fitness level can come and find their fit. Today that dream is becoming reality! Thank you to all of those who supported us over the years and thank you to all of those now joining us on this journey! We look forward to building a healthy strong community!


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Train With the Best


Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Owner

As I’m sure you already know, my name is Kaila Minion… but do you know more than that really about me? If not here is a rundown on who I am and how I got into fitness.
In 2007 I was a pedestrian hit by a car and ended up needing to exercise regularly in order to not be in constant pain. In 2008 I decided if I have to work out all the time I may as well also get paid for it; so I took my Fitness Theory Course through Body Blue Print in Victoria, BC. In taking this course a spark of love for the fitness industry really began for me. In 2009 I took my Group Fitness Instructor certification and that spark of love for fitness soon turned into a burning fire. Following a few years of working full time and teaching 6+ classes per week my husband and I moved to Alberta to further pursue his career in firefighting. When I first arrived in Alberta I went through a major identity crisis as I felt like I totally lost who I was. I had no friends, no family, no gym and no classes to teach.
In May 2012 I decided I needed to find myself again and get back into the fitness industry; it was finally time to get my Personal Training Certification. I immediately enrolled and completed my course through CanFitPro in Edmonton, AB. On October 19, 2012 my husband and I welcomed our first child, Maiah, into the world. Flash forward to December 2012 my husband bought me 8 spin bikes for Christmas and I immediately started teaching classes out of my basement. After seeing the demand for group fitness classes in my small town, I increased my certifications by taking my YogaFit, Fitness Kickboxing, and Agatsu Kettlebells.
I opened my first fitness studio in June 2013, Maxed Out Fitness. Upon opening the studio I was able to personal train, teach spin classes, boot camps, and yoga. On July 13, 2014 my husband and I welcomed our second child, Addison, into our family. We closed the studio April 2015 knowing I would be returning to work full-time with 2 children in tow and no time teach classes. I was able to impact so many people within the community and create a culture of group fitness that has since continued to thrive.
Even after closing the studio I continued to train regularly, involving my children in many of my workouts. In October 2015 I competed in my first bikini competition with the INBF Canada. I didn’t place but I did learn a lot about the self-discipline, determination, and training that it takes to even get on stage. I decided I would love to compete again but I needed a greater knowledge of nutrition in order to do so. I began my nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition online in June 2015, and completed it June 2016.
We moved back to Victoria in late 2015/ early 2016 and after almost 1 year off, I began teaching classes again in March 2016. I started mentoring with Mathew Park of Peak Mindset and the founder of INBF Canada in December 2016 and have ignited the fire inside me and my love for the fitness industry once again. I began a mobile/online personal training business called The Fit Classe in January 2017. My intention with this business was to inspire others to get moving and embrace what our bodies are capable of.
Upon deciding to move back to Alberta in August 2017 I had no intention of personal training and planned to take a mini-break from the fitness industry (other than teaching the occasional class of course). Well, the fitness industry had different plans for me, and I began to receive referrals and gain personal training clients immediately. Only a few weeks after our move I started online and in home personal training still using the name The Fit Classe.
Transition only a few months later and my husband, Mike, and I are making our dreams come true and opening a gym in Evansburg, AB under the name we once used, Maxed Out Fitness. I am so excited to dive back into group fitness, personal training and creating a place that brings a community together! Let the changes begin!


Group Fitness Instructor, Owner

Mike has always had a love for sport and fitness. He played hockey and a variety of other sports through his youth and has continued to keep active over the years. In 2017 he took his Group Fitness Instructor Certification in BC and has been coaching classes like  Bootcamp, Strength & Conditioning and Spartan Training!

Caitlin Maxwell

Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Caitlin packs a lot of spunk and positive energy! She has been active most of her life dancing since she was 5 years old in various disciplines like jazz, tap, hip hop, modern and contemporary. Catie has been doing Raynor Massage since 2014 and  not to worry, as she will continue to run her awesome massage business along side personal training and group fitness classes!

She loves feeling strong and reaching goals she sets for herself! She is excited to help others in the local area set goals and knock them out of the park!


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